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New Flora and Fauna Note Cards Added

Since it’s Bluebonnet season here in The Lone Star State, it seemed like a good time to both shoot some new material – and create note cards from some archival images.  As a result, we’ve uploaded 7 new images of Bluebonnets and assorted Texas wildflowers to the Flora and Fauna page.  In addition, we’ve finally posted a Yellow Rose!

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

SignZ of Our TimeZ NoteCard Page Added

Over the last several years, we’ve traveled extensively and collected a lot of images for the master collection.  In this process, I’ve added a lot of historic, architecturally significant and amusing signs to the collection.  In recent months I started processing each image with a consistent, classic aged theme to amplify the natural character of these classic slices of Americana.  This evolved into the SignZ of Our TimeZ collection, which you can now purchase in gallery-quality giclee format Fine Art note cards.

In this collection, we have some classic theater marquees, aging edifices and more often than not, the only remaining “sign” of once-prosperous establishments that have fallen victim to time and economy.

This is also the first gallery where you can enlarge the images by clicking on each thumbnail.

With that said, I give you: SignZ of Our TimeZ

New Additions to Texas Note Cards

A few new images were added to the library this morning.  Some from recent shoots and some that had simply fallen through the cracks.

In the Texas Oddities section, we added Texas Nessie and Stonehenge II.

Stonehenge II

Stonehenge II








Texas Nessie

Texas Nessie









And in the Texas Historic section, we added the Blanco County Courthouse in Johnson City.

Blanco County Courthouse

Blanco County Courthouse








And then…

Just because May 13, 2012 produced some of the most amazing cloud formations I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve lived in Texas, this next image was added to the Scenic Texas section:

Dragon Skull in the Sky

Dragon Skull in the Sky

Numerous Additions to Our Galleries Today

As a result of building demo binders of all the Note Cards, I took some time to add images to many of the sections.  Updated galleries include:

Enjoy browsing some of the new material.

Plano has a large section from the 2009 Balloon Festival.

McKinney now has the historic First United Methodist Church, in addition to many of the iconic selections near the Square.

Added some images from a 9-11 Memorial to the flight crews I found in Grapevine.

Lots of new images in the Historic Texas section from Grapevine, McKinney, Pilot Point, Bonham, Edom and Paris.


Substantial Gallery Updates

Since bringing the new website online last week, I’ve been doing some updates to the content.

As I go through my vast library, I find new images to make available in the Note Card project.  This last weekend I added several dozen new images in the following categories:

  • Desolation
  • Texas
    • Dallas
    • Denton
    • McKinney
    • Paris
  • Frisco
  • Music / Lifestyles
  • Flora and Fauna

We made a trip to Paris a week ago to photograph their unique, but diminutive version of the Eiffel Tower.  Along the way we discovered an assortment of other interesting items that needed to be captured and added to the collection, not the least of which were numerous old water towers (now properly committed to the Water Tower selection.)  46 different water towers are now available to choose from.

I also spent a good deal of time indexing the Texas page by city and theme to make it easier to find community-based images.

Dallas, Denton and McKinney now have more content than before, with updates coming regularly as we venture out and concentrate on these areas.

Soon to be added is an Automotive catalog of the cars I’ve been shooting over the last several years.  From The Girls and Cars of Texas  (the 4th volume of the Texas As I See It series).

Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas