New Cards for Dallas and Fort Worth

As part of a recent commercial assignment, I spent some time out photographing both Dallas and Fort Worth at night – something I’ve been needing to get back to for some time.  As a result, I assembled a collection of images I needed to construct new cityscapes.

You can order these in note cards from our note card page.  You can also order them in any print size from 16×20 up to wall size by simply emailing me your requirements (if you’d like a signed copy) or head on over to our fulfillment site and place your order for prints there.

Check out our Texas Note Card page for the complete selection of images.


No, this does not exist in nature.  These images are composites.

The 2013 Dallas cityscape includes a sunrise sky with the Texas flag ghosted in, a full moon, the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava and the Perot Museum.  the BofA building outlined in green argon, Fountain Place, Reunion Tower and the Omni Hotel are all prominently featured in this compilation.

2013 Dallas Skyline

2013 Dallas Skyline








The Fort Worth cityscape for 2013 features a Texas flag ghosted against a sunset sky and features the skyline combined with Bass Hall and the Will Rogers Memorial.

Fort Worth Skyline

Fort Worth Skyline

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  1. Brenda Justice

    I really like your graphic of the city of Fort Worth and would love to use it for a convention that will be in Fort Worth in February. Is it possible I could purchase the graphic or have permission to use the graphic for our musical program, musical tickets and flyers? Also, how much are your postcards… I’m considering placing them in the arrival gift bags.

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