About Our Products
We produce a line of 5x7 Fine Art gallery-quality Note Cards


Individual note cards are packaged with matching envelopes in adhesive-sealed clear plastic bags. This facilitates browsing while ensuring delivery of a pristine finished product to you. Boxed sets are not bagged prior to packaging.

Why TX-NoteCards?

When you sign your name to a TX-NoteCard, the recipient knows you care enough to send the very best. A collectors item, exquisitely crafted and suitable for framing.

Hand-made right here in Texas, we produce every card individually, using only the finest paper and inks. Each finished product is assembled and packed by hand. No machinery is involved aside from the printer.

Who Is TX-NoteCards?

Just a couple of Texans (adopted) and a pair of small furry people (cats). All images are the original art of Warren Paul Harris, a Dallas, Texas-based photographer. Warren scours the Lone Star State in search of dramatic, unique images to be used in his books, on his website, and now, on these amazing note cards. All images on this site are available in luster, canvas or metallic Giclée prints up to 10 feet wide in most cases. We can also print on aluminum and plexiglass. Nothing smaller than 24" x 36" are sold of his limited edition prints. Unlimited editions start at 12x16". Websites of note:


Counter top rack pictured

Floor-standing models available

Counter-top displays have 16 pockets, which can accommodate up to 10 cards per pocket.
Floor statnding displays have 64 pockets.


In addition to our current lineup, we are signing up resellers in strategic locations across Texas. Our approach is to engage high quality retailers in good locations.

Where can you buy these beautiful products?

All of our products can be ordered direct from this site. Pricing is identical to what you would find at our resellers. If you prefer to personally see and examine the final product prior to purchase, we recommend you refer to our reseller page and buy from them.